DLF Lunchtime Series 5
Teaching students to improve academic integrity
AUG, 2019
Academic Integrity
Teaching & Learning
Teaching Capabilities
Lunchtime Series
Presented by Marie Gaspar, Language and Learning Advisor from the Division of Student Life.
How do students learn how to write academically? This question was the focus of the latest DLF Lunchtime Series presentation Teaching students to improve academic integrity. Marie presented her work ‘Mapping the continuum of academic writing development’. 3 maps were presented as a learning continuum involving attitude, knowledge and skills, and across 4 levels of acquisition from beginning to proficiency. This resource is ideal for teaching students self-awareness about their own development pathway. Teaching academics can further academic writing awareness by identifying and teaching discrete elements from the continuum within their discipline contexts. Marie also demonstrated an example of how to show students the difference between acceptable and unacceptable use of paraphrasing.

Thanks Marie, for presenting your important work in the very last week before your retirement! We wish you well.

Useful Resources

Marie’s skills mapping resources from the session are available for download here:

M1Acknowledging resources

M2 Integrating Ideas of others to support one’s argument

M3 Providing bibliographic details

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