DLF Lunchtime Series 3
Lisa Milne & Brett McLennan
JUN, 2019
Teaching & Learning
Learning Analytics
Student Retentiion
Lunchtime Series
Lisa Milne is a Lecturer of Teaching Capability in Deakin Learning Futures and Brett McLennan is the Director of Learning Analytics in the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Education.
Deakin Learning Analytics Project

Lisa Milne and Brett McLennan from Deakin Learning Futures presented The DLF Lunchtime Series # 3 on the topic Learning Analytics, Student Engagement and Retention. What stories can data tell? One thought-provoking question raised by Lisa and Brett related to our definition of engagement and the metrics we use to capture the data. Is engagement time on task, reflecting cognitively on task or personal investment in task? Where and how do we measure engagement? There is a difference between Academic Analytics (the role of data analysis at an institutional level), and Learning Analytics which focuses on the learning process itself. The Deakin Learning Analytics Project will provide data for students to understand their own learning actions and teaching academics will have access to information about how their students are engaging with their unit.

It is the Project’s goal to help us make the teaching and learning interventions that will keep our students through to completion.

For questions and more information on the Deakin Learning Analytics Project, contact Brett.McLennan@deakin.edu.au

Useful Resources

If you missed the presentation, you are welcome to access Lisa & Brett’s slides here.

More on student retention on Deakin can be found here.

Access to an overview and slides from our previous lunchtime series with Yin Paridies is also available here.

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