DLF Lunchtime Series 2
With Yin Paradies
MAY, 2019
Teaching & Learning
Indigenous Knowledges
Lunchtime Series
Prof. Yin Paradies, Indigenous Knowledges and Cultures Coordinator.
What are Indigenous knowledges? What is Deakin doing in this space?

Yin Paradies provided a comprehensive insight into our collective challenge to be inclusive of indigenous students, and, to embed indigenous knowledges and perspectives in our curriculum.

Some indigenous perspectives that challenge a Western culture’s rationalist view include:

  • Circularity and continuity of time and space
  • And/both instead of either/or binary thinking
  • Wisdom, consent, respect, generosity and autonomy
  • Knowing and being and doing (stories, art, song and dance)
  • Combines reason with feeling, intuition and imagination
  • Caring and embodied relationship with (non-) humans, including the land and sea within a living cosmos (Yin Paradies, 28 May presentation)
If you missed the presentation, you are welcome to access Yin’s slides here. Also, check out the Inclusive Curriculum and Capacity Building (ICCB) site for teaching and learning resources about teaching indigenous students, and, resources to support embedding indigenous knowledges and perspectives in the curriculum across the university. Check out a new ICCB resource, Tyson Yunkaporta’s video on 8 Ways of Knowing under Indigenous Pedagogies, and new academic papers on embedding indigenous knowledges and perspectives.
Useful Resources

Indigenous knowledges Teaching and Learning resources on the Inclusive Curriculum Capacity Building (ICCB) site

Slides from Yin’s presentation here

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